Anjimile’s first full-length studio record ‘Human Nature’ is out now

Anjimile Human Nature cover

Anjimile’s first full-length studio album, Human Nature, is a colorful, chaotic, and melodic journey into the labyrinth of thoughts and feelings we call the human condition. Death looms ominously, over this 10-track rumination on the wonders and mysteries of life and death.

Anjimile’s most introspective album to date, Human Nature signals a stylistic departure from their signature solo acoustic sound, instead opting for an eclectic mix of styles ranging from alternative rock to indie pop to experimental electro funk.

Because of the existential musings that inform the style of Human Nature, the album is divided into three acts, with each act representing a different stage of existence: Act I (You Were Born), Act II (You Will Be), and Act III (You Will Die). Act I is representative of childhood and the feelings of wonder and innocence that it embodies. Act II is representative of adolescence and the rebellion, unrest and confusion which are intrinsic to “growing up.” Act III is representative of adulthood and the acceptance of the inevitability of death.



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