Production, Sound Design, and Composition

Composition Portfolio:

(Please note, many of these files were split for multi-channel use and further processed in theatrical spaces via QLab. These consolidated stereo mixes have some variation in loudness & quality).

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Animile – Colors – Mastering Engineer, July 2018.

Courage, Sound Design & Composition, Lighting, March 2016.
Composed original soundtrack and sound design elements in 7 days for Theji Jayaratne’s 2016 CMF competition entry, COURAGE. Also created practical lighting effects.

Winner of CMF@NEU’s Silver Tripod Award for Sound.

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“Toxic Shop” by Department of Everything – Producer, Mixing & Mastering, Director & Editor, December 2015.

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Animile – Human Nature – Producer, Mixing & Mastering, March 2015.

One of Dig Boston’s 30 Best Local Albums of 2015

Campus Movie Fest: Jamie Schefen’s Imaginary Lines, Original Soundtrack, 2015.
Nominated for “Best Picture” at CMF Hollywood 2015

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Tastemakers Mag Sessions, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Video Editor, 2015.
Principal audio and video editor for Northeastern’s Tastemakers Magazine Sessions from March 2014 to January 2015.

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More sessions available here:

Class Projects for Special Topics: Synthesis @ Northeastern, Fall 2013.

Class Projects for Music Theory II @ Northeastern, Spring 2012.

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