human nature is a small independent record label/artist collective based in boston, ma. we share an understanding as human beings in this strange and difficult world, and human hature is our creative outlet. we’re not an exclusively queer record label, but being trans owned, my hope is for us to do our thing and hope it reaches people inside and out of the trans community. we need to share our stories, our experiences, our vision. the world is massively alientating, and if we can do more to humanize ourselves in a society that has tokenized us, weaponized us, abused us, and struggled to see us clearly, then we will.

human nature was born out of a vision to release music and film under one roof. we see an opportunity to explore philosophy, emotion, empathy, and the human experience through sight and sound.

genre-agnostic, we do not seek to limit our potential offerings. sometimes we collaborate, other times we do it alone. let’s see where this goes…