new things in the works

we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for a while, as you might have noticed. the last year has been spent finishing up college degrees, spending time with friends, moving to new homes, taking on new jobs, and reflecting on the way things have been. lots of reflecting.

now that we’re getting on stable footing in the “real” world outside of the bubble that universities can put you in, we’re working on new music and some other things. keep checking back and we’ll have more info to come.

new additions:

  • Analogue Self is the new experimental project of producer lee schuna (formerly known as The Vacuum Party), and Positive Disintegration is lee’s techno project.
  • MDNC is a techno duo formed from lee and theji. on our bandcamp, you can find two of our live jams downloadable for free. we’re not great at sitting down to create tracks together, but live sets are fun. sometimes we record them, and sometimes we’ll put them out.

[considering my gender transition and growth as a musician and human being, it’s about time for a new name. Analogue Self is the name under which i’ll be releasing anything that’s distinctly not techno. i may release a trove of Vacuum Party demos from 2008-2014ish once I decide what material i want to recycle into new songs. flushing out the old stuff to start fresh seems nice.]

that’s about all for now in terms of news!

<# Lee


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